Statement on Designating Convention

It’s important for voters to have a choice in this mayoral election. In a city where the vast majority of voters are Democrats, the only way to provide that choice is through the primary system.

I will provide that choice.

On September 12, voters will be able to choose new ideas or no ideas, positive change or status quo and the interests of residents or the interests of corporations.

Voters will be able to choose rebuilding trust between citizens and police. They’ll be able to choose a fiber internet network for the city. They’ll be able to choose childcare for 1,000 more families. They’ll be able to choose an end to property tax breaks for the wealthy. They’ll be able to choose jobs located on transit lines.

I’m the only candidate offering bold ideas to reduce poverty and grow our economy. Absolutely nothing has changed in Lovely Warren’s three years in office. She’s also repeatedly demonstrated a lack of ethics and judgment. As for James Sheppard, his empty campaign is based on pure revenge. He also has a tremendous amount of baggage, from his failure to vote between 1981 and 2013 and his stunning failures as a police chief.

Voters deserve a choice. They deserve a city of opportunity.

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