New census data shows the city has lost 1,700 residents since 2010.  A City Hall official expressed surprise to the Democrat and Chronicle, since downtown is booming and home sales are brisk.

Talk about being out of touch! It’s disturbing that City Hall assumes the city is growing because of what’s happening in affluent areas.

There are many things that could explain the city’s population decline. Not all parts of the city are in demand. Many people move to the suburbs when they have children. Unemployment and poverty remain high. Jobs have migrated to the suburbs.

Rochester is not working for everyone.

In addition, suburban sprawl continues to be an issue. This is especially true when the regional population has been largely stagnant. Sprawl with no population growth hurts the city the most. We’re left with a needier population and the burden of maintaining a place built for far more people.

As mayor, I will fight to make sure the city is the top choice for businesses and families. I will make sure families want to stay and invest in our public school system. I will work hard every day to get businesses to invest in the city and locate on transit lines.

We must make Rochester a city of opportunity for all. Until then, the city won’t reach its potential and we’ll continue to see losses.

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