On the first day of my mayoral campaign, I called for reform of police oversight. Our residents and our officers are not served well by the current Civilian Review Board system. I support our police officers. I also support accountability.

I endorse the concept of a Police Accountability Board. While I have some questions about specific recommendations put forth this week, I applaud the spirit and direction of the proposal (read it here).  By rebuilding trust, we can make our community safer for citizens and officers. Residents must have complete faith in the men and women who work hard every day to keep them safe. Officers should be able to rely on citizens to be their eyes and ears. Forming a PAB is crucial step to improving police-community relations and reducing crime.

As mayor, I promise to support creating a Police Accountability Board. I promise to work with all stakeholders, including police officers and their union, to successfully implement this needed reform.

I am the only Democratic candidate for mayor with any credibility on this issue.

Mayor Lovely Warren recently released a 90-day report on police-community relations. This piece of taxpayer-funded propaganda downplayed problems and stopped short of calling for police oversight reform.

Former police chief James Sheppard has a long history of covering up alleged officer misconduct. Sheppard has also repeatedly and publicly discussed police use of force in cavalier, dismissive and even joking tones. Not one officer was ever disciplined for excessive force during his tenure.

For nearly 20 years, I held the Rochester Police Department accountable. I will do the same as mayor. I’ve investigated cases where officers were in the wrong. I’ve investigated cases where they acted appropriately. We cannot hide from the truth, wherever it takes us.

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