Tonight in her State of the City Address, Lovely Warren painted a rosy picture of Rochester. She said the economy is improving, neighborhoods are reviving, and our children are doing better in schools.

Lovely Warren is delusional. She made liberal use of alternative facts.

Warren’s not talking about the Rochester I know. Rochester has a 14 percent unemployment rate. One-third of residents and half of children live in poverty. (We didn’t hear much about poverty tonight, did we?) Our jobs and residents have migrated to the suburbs. We still lose far too many young people to violence and crime. We have poor police-community relations.

The Rochester I know is not working for everyone.

Warren demonstrated tonight she has no plan to deal with these issues. She listed state and federal pork projects, along with downtown buildings that won’t pay their fair share in taxes.

Warren takes a lot of credit for downtown’s revival, but it started under Bill Johnson and was part of a nationwide trend. The only thing Warren did was continue policies of funneling money to wealthy developers and folks who can afford expensive condos. What on earth is a downtown steakhouse going to do for struggling families? Why are we celebrating a theater on Parcel 5 that’s still $75 million short in funding?

We have to stop managing problems and start to solve them. We have to start thinking in terms of policies, not programs. We have to take steps that will help everyone, not just the lucky few.

Unlike my other Democratic opponent, James Sheppard, I am not just criticizing Warren. I’m also offering concrete proposals to reduce poverty and grow the economy. By lowering property taxes for everyone, installing a citywide fiber internet network and adding 1,000 childcare spots, we can help our current residents and attract new ones. We can make Rochester the only choice for families and job-creating businesses.


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