August 16, 2017

ACT Rochester Report Shows Need for Reforms

ACT Rochester’s report highlighted long-known and heartbreaking truths about the Rochester area. Inequality, segregation and poverty are deeply entrenched – and linked to structural racism.  We’ll need structural solutions. I’m proposing the following to address structural racism and inequality. Better Connections: Bridge the Digital Divide: A citywide fiber internet network would level the playing field for our students, half of …

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August 10, 2017

Barnhart Speaks at Council Hearing on Parcel 5

Rachel Barnhart spoke at City Council’s hearing on the fate of Parcel 5. She is the only Democratic mayoral candidate calling for: – A temporary park – A city arts fund – Campaign finance reform to end pay play – Mandatory public review of RFP submissions when public land is involved – A comprehensive facilities plan We need a mayor …

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August 7, 2017

Make Parcel 5 a Temporary Park

Tom Golisano’s gift of $25 million to a theater presents a great opportunity. But what is that opportunity? Lovely Warren came into office pledging to secure a performing arts center in downtown Rochester. Three years later, basic questions about the concept are unanswered. Is Parcel 5 the best site? How much will the theater cost to build? What are the …

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August 3, 2017

Warren: Brown v. Board of Education “Wrong”

  Rachel Barnhart expressed dismay at Lovely Warren’s characterization and dismissal of the landmark school desegregation ruling, Brown v. Board of Education. Warren, an attorney, made the following comments at Tuesday’s Rotary Club debate: “This notion that black kids and Hispanic kids can’t learn unless they go to school with white kids is false. And I cannot believe that we …

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July 24, 2017

Barnhart Calls for More Childcare

Rachel Barnhart has proposed adding 1,000 childcare subsidies. The city would work with Monroe County to administer the additional subsidies. These subsidies would supplement, not supplant, services already provided to city families. “If we’re serious about reducing poverty, the city must step up the plate and help fund childcare,” Barnhart said. “We can do this by spending less than 2 …

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June 28, 2017

Barnhart Calls for Full Accounting of Poverty Funds

Rachel Barnhart called for the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative to release its annual budget, including staffing, contracts and other spending. “We know millions of taxpayer dollars have been diverted to RMAPI, but these off-the-books expenditures are not transparent. We need to know how this money is being spent. We cannot evaluate this major initiative without this information,” said Barnhart. Assemblyman Joseph …

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June 24, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

  My parents celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary today. They met while teaching at Charlotte High School. They bought a house in the Maplewood neighborhood, where they raised two children. They sent their kids to city schools. I got my love of the city from my parents, especially my dad. He has encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s history. He knows …

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June 19, 2017

Barnhart Proposes Ethics Reforms

  Rachel Barnhart is calling for major reforms of the city’s ethics code. “Lovely Warren’s inappropriate relationship with Uber exposed the need for big changes. We must do everything we can to preserve integrity and prevent conflicts of interest in city government,” Barnhart said. Barnhart proposes: The Board of Ethics will accept and consider complaints from private citizens. Anyone who …

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June 14, 2017

Statement on Ethics Board

I’m pleased to see the Board of Ethics take up my complaint about the relationship between Warren and Uber. Let’s be clear. This complaint isn’t about a job fair. It’s about pay to play culture. It’s about a mayor shilling for a troubled corporation. It’s about a mayor who promotes herself at the expense of citizens. I spent my career …

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June 5, 2017

Sheppard’s Disturbing Record

  Police Abuses & Poor Leadership Sheppard promoted policies such as stop and frisk and racial profiling. At one point, he said officers would stop anyone without a bell on a bicycle. (Source: Sheppard did not discipline officers involved in the arrest of Benny Warr for using excessive force. (Watch video of the arrest here: Warr filed a …

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