As we celebrate our mothers this weekend, here are some reasons to celebrate mine.

My mother sent me to city schools, where I experienced diverse cultures and witnessed educational inequality. She made me work at Wegmans when I turned 16, where I obtained a work ethic and often served families struggling to afford basic necessities. She told me I had to take the RTS bus to my summer internship at Rochester Museum and Science Center. She always took the opposite side whenever I complained to her about a disagreement with friends or coworkers. (She still does.) But she always stood up for me when I spoke truth to power.

My mother taught me to be persistent, independent and compassionate. I hope you see those qualities in this campaign. We must provide more childcare, encourage families to invest in public schools, improve our transit system and build public trust. We must make Rochester a city of opportunity for everyone.

I wouldn’t be running for mayor without the lessons from my mom.

Enjoy this special weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!


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