The relationship between police officers and citizens should be one of mutual trust and respect. We want officers to be responsive and perform at a high level of service. Police officers must treat residents like their own neighbors and family members.

The administration will strive for problem-oriented-policing, not punitive policing. Tickets for minor offenses such as disorderly conduct, jaywalking, open containers and possession of small amounts of marijuana should be a last resort. Focus on creative solutions and give people a chance to change behavior.

Stop and frisk should not be a policy promoted by the police department or permitted in practice. There should be objective justifications for stopping citizens, such as criminal behavior, rather than very minor offenses. Racial profiling will not be tolerated.

We must reform the civilian review board process. The mayor will support the creation of a Police Accountability Board.

We have to fully staff the police department, accounting for vacations, disability leave and anticipated retirements. This means constantly staying ahead by recruiting and training new officers. We will explore reducing the number of command staff to maximize resources.

We must increase walking beats in areas known to be trouble spots. This is where staffing must be addressed.

We must open offices in each patrol section. These offices must be responsive to community.

We will work with the police union and supervisors to ensure the union contract is followed. We will hold appointed personnel accountable for violations of contracts or police officer rights that often lead to costly payouts.

The department will obtain the national accreditation it lost in 2012.

The city will retain and support the mounted patrol, which the department proposed to eliminate in 2013.

Stolen guns are often used in crimes in the city. The administration will secure funds for a public service campaign focused on educating the public about the need to secure their weapons. A possible slogan is, “Don’t be a victim that leads to another victim.”

Proactively retrieve guns when people with pistol permits die and there is not a surviving family member with a permit.

Open air drug markets are a big problem. We will identify the drug dealers. We will call them in for meetings and employ intervention tactics, ranging from a guarantee of criminal prosecution to social services help. This tactic has proven effective with youth gangs.

The mayor will lobby the state to fully legalize recreational marijuana. Prohibition is not working. People are smoking marijuana. Meanwhile, the illegal trade takes an enormous toll on city neighborhoods in the form of nuisances and violence. Legalize it, tax it, and study its effects on human health.

Heroin Crisis

The mayor will develop a comprehensive plan with the county to deal with the heroin epidemic. This is a public health crisis, and should be treated as such. Statistics on the number of overdoses and fatalities will be regularly released. Narcan will be widely accessible. On-demand treatment will be available. The city and county will explore the feasibility of supervised injection sites.

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