Rochester has wonderful arts and cultural organizations. Many could use more financial security.

That’s why Rachel Barnhart has proposed a City Arts Fund. This fund would award grants to nonprofits large and small. Funds could come from the city and private organizations. We could even partner with the county, which already provides arts grants.

Our commitment to arts and culture prompted the endorsement of Ian Wilson, founder of Wall Therapy.

“I am endorsing Rachel Barnhart for mayor, because of all of the candidates, she is the one who has the most visionary platform. At this time, we need to take a huge leap forward,” Wilson said. “We need to focus on bringing jobs back to Rochester. And having a mayor who supports the arts would have a huge impact on the city.”

Barnhart also suggests we create a comprehensive plan for arts and culture, including how to maximize our assets. Development projects should also include a public art requirement.

“Arts and culture draws visitors, increases property values and enriches our quality of life,” Barnhart said. “The city should play an active role in maintaining and promoting this important aspect of our great city.”

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