Cedric Alexander revealed today he is unprepared to serve in his new role as deputy mayor.

Mayor Lovely Warren likely hired the former police chief to counteract the mayoral candidacy of another former police chief. Unfortunately for Warren, Alexander revealed he’s just as empty as James Sheppard.

On WXXI’s Connections with Evan Dawson, the host revealed he agreed to Alexander’s request that they stick mainly to policing matters during the interview, because Alexander has only been on the job four days. Taxpayers are paying Alexander $140,000 to oversee multiple departments. If Alexander is unable to discuss his views and goals on economic development, poverty, rebuilding neighborhoods, budgets and technology, why was he hired?

<Podcast here>

It’s concerning Alexander defended Warren’s insistence that she created and retained 30,000 jobs during her short tenure. This statistic has been thoroughly debunked, both by me and the Democrat and Chronicle. It’s time for Warren to admit she was mistaken. Instead, she’s forcing her staff to continue the charade.

Even Alexander’s discussion of policing was disturbing. He said sending SWAT into Rochester’s neighborhoods in 2005 to do patrols was to “show some sense of force,” but not an “occupying force.” Alexander says he wants better police community relations, while simultaneously using language that describes neighborhoods as war zones. Residents are looking for responsible and positive policing. They’re not begging for saviors outfitted in military gear riding in on armored vehicles.

This is another example of Warren making questionable hiring decisions for senior staff. When elected, I will use my extensive knowledge of the city and its government to hire the best possible people to execute our plan to reduce poverty and grow the economy. Rochesterians deserve no less.

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